Racing365 Review: GRID Autosport

Yes, I know, a review of this comes a bit late now, as the game already came out four months ago, but I decided, after playing this game for a pretty long time, that a review would be relevant. Well, here we go…

GRID Autosport – or GRID Apology, as some refer – is the racing game Codemasters should have given us in the first place, with GRID 2. But GRID 2 was a „Need for Speed“ like racer, with a crap DLC system, way too many street circuits and so annoying car physics, that the game was online unplayable with nearly every single one getting out of control, because these cars turn into corners like in Ridge Racer. And after months and months of moaning and bitching about the game on various social media and forums, Codemasters finally listened up and considered doing actually stuff people would like to see. So the result was GRID Autosport and they goddamn nailed it with this one… OK in some aspects, not so much.


Physics feel like you’re driving a proper car again, more real-life racetracks including Hockenheimring, Bathurst or Spa, but also throwing a mix of street circuits from the all-time classic GRID 2 and from the very first GRID in, too. The car selection is pretty decent overall. The long awaited BTCC Touring cars have finally arrived in a GRID game, although there are only two of them. And it seems like we aren’t getting any more when you look at their current DLC plans.

V8 Supercars and V8 Utes are a welcome surprise as are the South American TC2000 cars (Cat A category). Street and Tuner cars are those you all already know too well from GRID 2. Endurance has some of the GT3/GT500 cars and a Lola B12/60 LMP2 Coupe too (sadly the only modern prototype). The rotary monster, (and I don’t mean the Lada Nova) the Group C Mazda 787B, has also found it’s place in the game.

Open-Wheel sees the comeback of the Dallara F312, the pretty outdated AutoGP car and of course the current Indycar, which you still can’t drive in the road course/high downforce configuration and some it-will-let-your-face-look-like-Jeremy Clarkson like trackday machines, like the Ariel Atom V8.

You can compete in one of these five disciplines in the career mode or complete all of them at once. The career mode is rather bland, yes, there’s a EP system, but you can only unlock new championships with it. You can’t buy your own cars, you can’t have your own team, not even customization is possible.

So you can become quite unmotivated very quickly, although the races are fairly entertaining. GRID Autosport races, on the highest difficulty, really feel like races, not time trials with the A.I like in Forza or Gran Turismo. Pushing and clashing from the A.I. is a standard thing happening in this game, even though I sometimes don’t understand the collision system.

Ever and anon you accidently rush into an opponent and normally (in the real world) both of you spin. But in this game, smashing into an opponent or having the slightest of contact is like driving into a moving wall, which will bring you repetitively onto the pause menu and use the „Restart“ option or the use of flashbacks (if turned on in the settings).

Well, only touring car races on certain tracks feel quite mad, but if you do open-wheel or endurance races, they’re rather calm in comparison, but still pretty good. If you didn’t miss drifting from GRID 2, well it’s back in this game, but less out of control. It’s not one of my favourites, but alright.

Street races can end very „metal- crunching“ if you’re a bit too impatient in your overtaking manouevre, which makes this mode so fun. But with the length of most of the championships stretching too over six events and most of the modes having two races in one event, the career mode can take you a long, long, long time to complete the elusive 100%.

GRID AS Sprint

And if you bought the DLC „Sprint-Pack“ (Pikes Peak like roads on four different settings, including Sprint-Mode, which works like a rallye stage) you can add six hours to it. If you’re bored with career mode, well, then you normally do some very fine Online racing, right? Well in most of the online playlists that’s near to impossible, because most of the time your car will face the front to the wall because some idiot maldonado’ed into to you in the very first corner of the first lap.

So after some horrific races you will quit this game really quickly, but if you actually had decent races, you’re able to unlock a lot of things. You can earn you own money and buy some of the cars you need in your favourite category, because using the loan cars all the time won’t bring you any in-game financial benefit. Then you have the good old Racenet Challenges, which for some reason have really, really slow A.I.. Unnecessary.

I also have to note the marvellous engine sounds in this game. And yes, these are better than the „vaccum cleaner“ noises in GT6…



– Car damage is superior as always. I think they even added a little extra in it in comparison to GRID 2. Good job Codies.

– Menu not so fancy and shiny and littered with big letters like in GRID 2, but very easy to use. Although setting an individual race can be a bit puzzling when you’re playing this game for the first time

– Graphics still pretty good for current-gen (or last-gen or whatever you want to call it). Obviously would have liked to see what could have been possible on Xbucks One and Playstation 420.

– Night racing!

– However still no weather effects, rain races would have added some action, especially in the endurance races

– DLC system is rubbish, putting cars from a former DLC (GRID 2) into a new DLC (GRID Autosporf) seems to be normal in the current games industry

– Blurry cockpit view, I guess they had to rush it to get the game released on time, but for me that’s not such a big issue like for some other people….

– Astonished by the inclusion of tyre wear in this game, even though it’s only within the endurance events, adds some simulation

– Still waiting for that game where you can drive a 4WD car through a gravel path with trees aligned beside the road.

– Where are the squirrels???


Overall a bloody good sim-arcade, which really comes to life in the touring car races. It has a couple of errors and a stupid DLC system, but it has a lot of positives and is much better than it’s predecessor.


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